Effective Ways To Increase Stamina For Football

Here are some ways with which you can pump up your stamina and play the ‘beautiful game’:

1. Practice Specific Exercises:

  • Cardiovascular Exercises: Practice cardiovascular exercises or ‘aerobics’ (swimming, rope jumping, running, stair-stepping, jogging, skipping, cycling, rowing, etc.) at least for 30 to 50 minutes every day. It will give a boost to your stamina by increasing your aerobic capacity to a great extent.
  • Circuit Training: Weight-based circuit training (sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, squat jumps, etc.) can help you a lot in developing muscle strength, thereby improving your endurance. Exercising for 1 minute at each of the 10 to 20 stations of a circuit is considered to be enough.
  • Plyometric Exercises: It has been found that plyometric exercises (one leg jumps, box jumps, burpees, stair hops, and other similar quick explosive movements), especially the weighted ones, can increase the energy and resilience of a football player significantly.
  • Stretching: Stretch your body before and after exercises regularly. It will not only build your stamina, but also keep you away from injuries.

2. Train Yourself Properly:

  • Sprinting: It is crucial to train your body beforehand, so that you can sprint-jog-sprint during the game as fast as possible. Performing a cycle of 15-20 yards of sprinting (including the recovery time) every day can help you immensely to enhance your stamina. You can also practice sprint drills with additional resistance (wearing weighted pants or vests) to make the most of your training.
  • Speed Endurance Runs: This particular training is necessary for increasing your capacity of moving over different distances fast and efficiently. As a result, your level of endurance will also go higher.
  • Fartlek Training: This is a modified form of speed endurance run, which helps the player move for a constant duration by altering his or her speed accordingly. Being a randomized version, it gives lots of energy and stamina to the trainee.

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