How Playing Football benefits you?

There are many benefits of playing football. Although the main essentials of this game are fast footwork, speed, and endurance. It is the most popular game in Europe and Brazil, Americans are gaining interest and trying to be part of it both as a recreation and a competition. You can play this game with any number of people and all you will need is some open space. India too is catching up with this trend. Check out the football prices in India on Amazon or Flipkart or visit decathlon. Here are a few benefits of playing for you to be encouraged

1. Increased Aerobic Capacity.

A good level of stamina is required for anyone to be running for 90 minutes irrespective of the intensity they are running. Thus there is no doubt that football players have a higher capacity for aerobics.

2. Cardiovascular health improvement

Throughout the game, an average player will have to run 5-7 miles. The player’s heart rates are high due to the continuous walking, jogging, and running. All these activities provide excellent cardio exercise. This also helps in strengthening the player’s hearts’ by resisting plaque building in the coronary arteries, reducing blood pressure and burning the excess calories.Check out the football prices in India on Amazon or Flipkart or visit decathlon

3. reduces body fat and tone muscles.

Football helps you in burning fat as it makes your heart and muscles work in different ways. Football will improve your muscle mass and fat burn. It burns more calories than any other workout as the players are forced to use their aerobic and anaerobic pathways.

4. Bone strength

As people get older, bone density tends to decrease. The football match is an excellent way to improve bone strength with repeated movements in the game. The fitness regime followed to play the game is a great way to keep your bones strong.

5. Coordination

Running, walking, sprinting, coordination is key for playing football. When you dribble, turn and pass, they need a good amount of coordination between speed and direction. Also, the player’s hand-eye coordination is enhanced when they kick or receive the ball. The match will be good when there is better coordination.

Football also promotes teamwork and sharing in the players. This also has its impact on the development of the brain’s cognitive functions as the game requires you to stay focused, persevere and have self-discipline. Check out the football prices in India on Amazon or Flipkart or visit decathlon The game is fast and helps you in making the right decisions quickly. It reduces anxiety and lets you bond with friends and family anywhere and at any time.


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